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Costumes includes costume renderings, as well as photos of the finished garments.  Art includes all other graphics: logos, murals, portraits, and so on.  Sewing includes all other sewing construction and needlework, such as wedding gowns, needlepoint, tatting, and crochet.

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(The images above are 1) a self portrait from my favorite series, 2) a wedding dress made for a truly lovely client, and 3) a costume rendering for a Victorian play called The Heiress.)


Underwater Sea Princess from The Honorable Urashima Taro

Taro - Princess Rendering pap

This play is based on a Japanese folk tale where a humble fisherman travels underwater to save the sea kingdom.  The director chose to put the underwater scenes in blacklight, giving us the opportunity for all kinds of visual tricks.  I designed a costume for the Sea Princess that included a harness of fish floating in a circle around her, as well as a skirt that separated into wired tendrils, so she appeared to be floating.

Vendor Logo the Austin City Limits Music Festival

ACL Logo 2A vendor selling beer koozies and t-shirts at ACL 2009 needed a fun, Austin-style logo.  I put a skyscraper-size guitar with Austin’s three most famous landmarks.

Murals for Costume World


Costume World, the nation’s largest theatrical supplier, recently opened a store in Austin and asked me to paint some beautiful, theatrical-style murals for them.  This one starts as traditional columns at the bottom, and then flows into organic tendrils, curling to meet each other in the middle as though reminiscent of a proscenium arch.  A door is hidden by the column on the right.

Self-Portrait in Yellow

SP yellow

This self-portrait, painted in acrylics, uses the spectrum of color from yellow to deep purple to create shadows and dimension.

Costume Rendering: Marian

Heiress - Marian

This is one of a series of costume renderings for the play The Heiress.  Because it is set in the 1880s, I chose to do the renderings in the style of Victorian fashion plates, with sloping shoulders and tiny hands and feet.

About JJ Lonsdale

I am an artist and artisan living in Austin, Texas, specializing in costumes and in graphic art. Please contact me at jjlonsdale {at} gmail {dot} com.